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Toshiba 55UL610U Cinema Series 55-Inch 1080p 480 Hz Local Dimming 3D LED-LCD HDTV with Net TV, Black

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Enjoy superior 3D viewing with Toshiba's UL610U LED HDTV. Built using Dynamic 3D (Active) LED technology, this TV offers brilliant 2- or 3D visuals* in 1080p full HD*. And thanks to our exclusive 3D Resolution+* solution, it also serves up sharp 3D images* from non-full HD 3D signals.

Our exclusive Quantum Black LED panel creates blacks with more depth and character--plus enhanced highlights--for movies, broadcast programs and more. You'll enjoy better fast-action sports and movies with ClearFrame 480Hz technology. Our CrystalCoat Contrast Enhancer stops light reflections from washing out whatever you're watching. And you'll also be able to socialize, post your creations, download movies and read the news with our NetTV* package with Yahoo! Widgets.

It's draped in an ultrathin metal Blade design with chrome trim, and includes a cool illuminated remote.

Key Features:

Metal Blade Design with Chrome Trim, Ultra-Slim Depth

Through "elegant minimalism," this TV offers style and sophistication that complements the decor of most any room, without overpowering it.

1080p Resolution

Delivering more than just high-definition, the 1080p full HD* output on this TV represents the finest HD picture quality available today. Skin tones, textures and landscapes suddenly seem like real life. Shadows are deeper and richer. Colors pop. Highlights come alive with amazing character. The secret is more pixels. In fact, on a 1920 x 1080 resolution screen, 1080p full HD* content displays over 2,000,000 pixels--a standard 720p HD display less than half that.

ClearScan 480Hz

Based on our innovative ClearFrame 120Hz anti-blur technology, ClearScan 480Hz offers significantly clearer full-motion video compared to 60Hz or even standard 120Hz televisions. ClearScan goes a big step further, multiplying frame rates to create up to a 480Hz effect that reduces any blurring caused by fast-action video. Using advanced computer processing, it improves picture clarity without significantly impacting brightness or adding flicker.

Fine Local Dimming

Local dimming improves black levels and contrast ratios to deliver a better picture. But Toshiba takes that concept a step further by offering Fine Local Dimming on this TV. Conventional local dimming modulates the backlighting in certain areas of the display showing darker elements of the scene. But our Fine Local Dimming has many more dimming zones than average, providing a significantly better picture.

Quantum Black LED Panel

Offers improved static contrast for deeper blacks and a more lifelike picture. And delivers faster response times, which helps get rid of unsightly blurring around fast-moving objects, as seen in high-action scenes, sports and video games. It also provides Fine Local Dimming, for increased dimming zones, and a major improvement in picture quality.


Whether viewing in the daytime or at night--with the lights on or off--room conditions can lower the contrast on some television sets, and your enjoyment, too. But CrystalCoat Contrast Enhancer stops ambient room light reflections from washing out TV images, so you'll experience up to 30% better contrast in bright rooms.

Dynamic (Active) 3D*

For the videophile who wants to take movie watching to a whole new dimension, Dynamic 3D* offers the most impressive level of depth and detail of 3D in 1080p full HD.

Active Shutter Glasses

3D footage is shot with two special cameras spaced apart 2.5" to mimic our eyes. When used with our Dynamic 3D TVs, these state-of-the-art glasses deliver dazzling 3D picture quality.

TriVector (2D to 3D Conversion)*

Based on our exclusive Toshiba Chip with Cell algorithms, this proprietary software converts 2D images--from TV programs, movies and video games--into 3D by analyzing individual frames and estimating the depth of each area in the frame process, creating separate stereoscopic 3D images* for the left and right eye.

3D Resolution+*

This innovative technology uses our acclaimed Toshiba Chip with Cell algorithms to deliver sharper 3D images* with non-full HD 3D signals. It also upconverts 480i, 480p, and even 720p content to create a sharper, more detailed picture so that all your standard-def content will look more like HD. Color Correction and RGB Gamma improve brightness, color saturation, contrast and hue. They also calibrate the RGB values of the pixels to the characteristics of your TV, for a sharper look. Plus, Advanced Color Image fine-tunes environmental and character colors--like sky, grass, leaves and skin--to give these images a more natural appearance.

3D Cross-Talk Canceller

This Toshiba technology mitigates any cross talk ghosting to create the clearest possible dynamic 3D images.


Because your TV should be bright enough for high-contrast viewing during the day, but not so intense that it strains your eyes at night, Toshiba AutoView takes the hassle out of making those adjustments yourself. It monitors both ambient room light and the incoming video signal, automatically adjusting TV settings to produce an ideal picture in virtually any lighting condition.

Native Mode

Many TV broadcasts, movies and other content are produced in standard-def 480i and 480p or high-def 720p. Depending on the show or your preferences, there are times when you may not want your Toshiba TV to automatically upconvert those signals. Native Mode lets you easily take control. Activated, it displays the image edges many sets lose to normal over-scanning.

Gaming Mode

Lets you enjoy hair-trigger action on your Toshiba TV with a special setting that reduces game controller delay.

Expert Mode

Allows for more precise picture adjustments, creating a totally optimized home theater experience.

NetTV* with Yahoo! Widgets

A suite of Internet apps--YouTube and Facebook, Picasa, Pandora, Twitter, Netflix and more--that let you keep up with friends or the news, browse pictures on the big screen or download the latest blockbuster hits.

Built-in Wi-Fi*

Lets you enjoy convenient in-home connectivity without the cable clutter, and makes it easier to stream* content from your media server or the Internet.

DLNA Certification

Means that this TV is designed to set-up, synch and operate seamlessly with other DLNA electronics you might add to your home entertainment network--including media servers, receivers, DVD players and more.

Audyssey EQ

Improves sound quality through special algorithms that calculate the difference between the original recorded audio level and the level at which it's being played. It combines information from incoming source levels with actual output sound levels in the room, while taking into account human perception and room acoustics too. So you'll experience superior bass response, octave-to-octave balance and surround impressions that are accurate at almost any volume.

HDMI with CEC* and InstaPort

Technology that enables you to easily connect to high-definition video and immersive surround sound in one cable, and control like-equipped home theater components with one remote control. InstaPort dramatically speeds up HDMI switching, reducing the typical five- or six-second responses seen with standard inputs to a fraction of that time.

USB with Video, Music and Photo

Easily connect to your favorite videos, music and photos via USB.

RJ45 Ethernet Port

Clip in a cable and add your Toshiba TV to a home entertainment network. Then get set to enjoy photos, video and other multimedia off your server, or stream movies right from the Internet.

High-Res PC Input

Enables you to enjoy high-definition images when you connect a PC to your Toshiba TV.

VESA Mounting Pattern

A pattern of video industry standardized holes used for mounting to stands or wall, which allows for use of universal mounts when mounting your TV.

* Please visit info.toshiba.com for all legal disclaimers and more information.


  • HDMI: 4 (HDMI w/CEC & InstaPort)

  • Component A/V: 1

  • Composite A/V: 2

  • RF (antenna): 1

  • PC Input: Hi-Res

  • Digital Audio Output: 1

  • Analog Audio Output: 1

  • RJ45 Ethernet Port: 1

  • USB: 2


UL610U-Jack Pack


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